BirthDeath is about the limits of the human body, and pushing those limits even further, until the body collapses. Maxwell Murray and I created a realtime audiovisual performance following this concept.

With this performance, our purpose is simply to gradually provoke an overwhelming feeling in the audience and even increase their heart rate as the overall rate and feel of our piece speeds up. This performance is not necessarily meant to make you reflect on anything, but is instead, a sensorial experience.

Our inspirations to create this piece came from our interest in working with dance performance and the body. Maxwell and I both have a dance background and we really wanted to explore the idea of implementing the body into our audiovisual performance.


Maxwell Murray and I had the opportunity to perform BirthDeath at Extra Time Cafe & Lounge (Shanghai) on December 2018.


This project was created in Max/MSP and Processing.


Read this to learn more about this project.