• Marina Victoria Pascual

Lighting Fixture

The lamp I created is a decorative lamp. It is not the brightest nor the most useful, but rather, it creates a nice and interesting colorful vibe. As you can see, the lamp mostly emits a very soft and diffused rose light around the bottom part of the lamp, and above it reflects a green light (in person is greener than in the image) caused by the reflection of the light onto a reflective blue/green material. Inside the shade, there is also a blue glare/reflection created by this material, which I really enjoy because as you move your point of view around the lamp, it is as though you are seeing polar lights.

I used and MR-16 bulb and a 12V adaptor in order to convert the current to the adequate one for the bulb. The lamp shade was made with a plastic paper folder, wire, black tape and greenish reflective paper. The wire was mainly used to give shape to the shade, although I found that I could've probably done better with a stronger and more resistant wire. For instance, in created a wire structure for the bulb on the top of the shade, but unfortunately it is not the most stable. Below are some images of my production process:

Overall, I am happy with how the lamp looks, but I was very disappointed to see the amount of light that the lamp creates. When I first envisioned this, I imagined the lamp to be quite bright and to almost lid the entire room. Unfortunately, this was not the case, but I guess I should've realized earlier given that the bulb I use is directional and not the biggest.