• Marina Victoria Pascual

PxP: Lulu's Portrait on Processing

When Lu and I had our interview for the project, "memories" came up a lot, so this is the theme that I worked around when creating the portrait. So I definitely wanted to include some of these memories, but my representation of them would have probably been very far off from Lu's memories so I decided to use the images that she shared with me in order to make it more personal and intimate. A thing that Lu of requested was to not see her face on the portrait. So this portrait is, I would say, a portrait of the memories that have influenced her the most.


I downloaded some of the images that Lu shared with me and since I knew I wanted to create some sort of collage with them, instead of doing that on processing, I used Photoshop to put the images together. The collage I did is not the most amazing work of art I've done, but since the user would only see a very small part of the image at a time, I did not want to spend to much time on this step.

After I had the collage ready, I imported the image to processing and starting programming the portrait. Getting the effect I wanted honestly took me way longer than it should have. I tried many different methods and of course, the simplest method is the one that I tried last and the only one that ended up working.

Here is a link to the code for this sketch.

Below is a demo video of the portrait: