• Marina Victoria Pascual


This 3D animation takes place inside the bathroom of a nightclub, where a girl is high on MDMA and sees herself in the mirror. Her reflection in the mirror shows her jaw moving, eyes rolling, and slowing dancing to the music until she hears a girl screaming, which pulls her out of that trance moment and walks out of the scene. It is not know whether she has been drugged or decided to take the drug herself, but this is not the matter of importance. This scene is a reflection with many questions opened for the audience to resolve. I want to express the mystic experience of drugs which can be both scary and seductive.

This project was 3D modeled in Maya and Mudbox, and the end sequence was compiled and edited in After Effects.

After fixing and re-texturing my 3D model, I finally started to create the expressions for my animation. Here you can see the final version of my model. I also added painted make-up on its texture for the club scene.

These are some of the expressions that I sculpted in Mudbox:

After modeling the expressions in Mudbox, I sent my model to Maya, where I continued by rigging the neck and head and animating it with the facial expressions. As to the lighting, I decided to add one spotlight and one pointlight to my scene. When it came to rendering, I rendered the view from three different cameras. One for the front (the mirror reflection), one for the back view, and the last one for a close up of the mouth and eyes. Below, you can see some of the camera shots:

In After Effects, I added several different effects to make the scene more psychedelic in a sense and to finalize. Some of these effects include Echo, Gaussian blur, Tint, Opacity Flash, etc. I also used masks to create the broken mirror illusion. For the setting, I added some images and textures such as the bathroom image, a texture of stains on glass, broken glass, and a reflection to make the mirror more realistic.

Some of the audio for this piece was downloaded from Freesound.org and edited in Audacity. The main track of this piece is Sun My Sweet Sun by Konstantin Sibold. I also added an audio sample of people talking, of a creaky door, of a door closing, and of a girl screaming to create a more realistic ambiance of the scene. I added a Low Pass Filter to my main audio track in order to create the sensation as though the sound was coming from outside of the bathroom in the club.

These are some shots of my sequence:

Overall, this was probably one of my favorite projects I have done. I feel like I have learn a lot doing this project and would love to continue it further in the future.