• Marina Victoria Pascual

Rotating Sequencer

Here's the link to my code.

And below, you can see a demo:

To create my sequences, I wanted to explore the idea of creating a drum machine based on polar coordinates. It seemed like a challenging project (which it definitely was!) and I went for it.

The number of tracks of the sequencer is set. In this case, there are four tracks which I got by recording the samples from Logic. In addition to this, the sketch starts out having only 4 steps to select from.

Here's another image of my drum machine. As you can see, the user can create more than 4 steps. This can be done by pressing the number keys on the keyboard. There will be double the amount of slices than the number the user pressed. (e.g. if the user presses '4', there will be 8 slices).

I also added a slider at the bottom of the sketch in order to allow the user to change the BMP value of the sequencer. Its range if 60-200 bpm. The bpm is mapped to the rotating speed of the sequencer, so if the bpm is slower, the rotating speed will also be slower, and so on.

For future steps, I would like to map the rotating speed to the actual bpm of the sequencer so that the rotating time it takes to make a full turn is the same as the sequencer's speed. And there are also some bugs I'd like to fix.

Overall, this was a bit of a challenging project because I had a lot of problems trying to figure out how to select the right section of the slice since the slices are not mere rectangles. But I really enjoyed coding this project because it definitely expanded my coding skills.