• Marina Victoria Pascual

A2 - Catalog of Attributes - Willow's Song

I chose Willow's Song, from the movie The Wicker Man.

Catalog of Attributes: - Andante - Sound elements: Guitar, violins, drum, female vocal, harmonica, flute (not sure about this) - Harmony: no clue - Rhythm: 4/4, with a strong drum accentuating the first beat of the bar. The violins mark a subdivision with eighth-notes, and the female voice is mostly half or whole notes. - Form: the elements I mentioned earlier are added one by one in the order I gave above. The song follows pretty much the same two verses throughout the song, always repeating the first one twice and then following to the second one. This pattern repeats twice, and the for the end of the song, there is a new verse mostly characterized by the female voice. The guitar stays the same throughout the song.

Concept: The title of my interactive music experience is the Willow's Box. The concept is based on the movie scene of this song. In the scene, it seems as though the singer is trapped inside the room. For this reason, my interactive music experience would be to have the user be inside a box with certain elements that would trigger the sounds of the song, such as: - A lever machine that triggers the violin sounds. - A drum so that the user can give a soft kick to it for the drum sound - A wind sensor that the user would have to blow into for the flute and harmonica sounds - A microphone for the vocals