• Marina Victoria Pascual

VJing system for Processing

For my final project in Pixel by Pixel, I decided to make a VJing system in Processing. As someone who is fascinated by audiovisuals, I have always wanted to make a program that can let me add/remove/alter forms on the spot, live. What I have seen most in VJing is having some video samples to then mix them and add effects, but for my system I wanted to start from scratch, without any prerecorded samples or anything like that. Instead, what I did in my project is to create some functions for adding and removing shapes like spheres and cubes, altering their vertices and such. And in addition to this, I added some image processing functions in order to have effects available live as well.

Here are some shots of the visuals I was able to create with the system.

Unfortunately I wasn't able post the video but it will be uploaded soon!