• Marina Victoria Pascual

Week 2: Artificial Candle

Here is my artificial candle. It is a made a very simple design for it. I only used a white decoration paper and a thin cardboard with imprinted waves on it.

As to the Neo Pixel LED, in order to simulate the flickering effect of fire I used a very small random range of values for the intensity of the color and random value for a small delay for the fading of the LED light.

I am satisfied with the end result but there is a bit of a yellow hue (not appreciated by the phone's camera) that I unfortunately could not figure out how to fix. I noticed that even just 1 unit would directly make the color much redder than what I was looking for, so I was unable to find a middle-point of what I wanted.

In this second video, you can see that I added a switch to turn on and off the LED.

Here's a link to the Arduino code.