• Marina Victoria Pascual

Week 8: Lighting Moment

This image was taken yesterday evening at 6pm in my bedroom in Madrid. I chose this image because at first I was not able to figure out how or why there seemed to be a light gradient on the surface of my closet. If you look closely at it you can see that both in the top and the bottom of the image, the light is not as exposed as it is in the middle, thus, forming a horizontal gradient. I thought that maybe the middle area was more exposed because its height corresponds to where the window is (and approximately its size as well). Some of this might be true, but I'm not convinced this is the only reason why that is happening.

I then changed my position inside the room and moved closer and looked at it from a different angle. In this second image, you can see that this phenomena is happening also because the surface of the closet serves as as subtle reflection of what is outside in the street. On the glass of the bookshelf, you can see the reflection of a orange/brown building (that is overexposed on the image) and how that reflection is continued on the surface of the closet, although much more diffused because of the opaqueness of the material. And the same thing occurs with grey part of the reflection. However, we can also see that the lower middle part of the closet is relatively highly exposed. So I am still not 100% sure why this is happening.